Putting Pen To Paper Pushes Boundaries

Thoughts cascade along with the flow of ink, painting out the canvas that is our mind.

Syahi: si-ya-hee- Urdu for Ink


Syahi was formed out of a love and passion for an instrument that we believe acts as an enabler; it enables our thoughts to flow.

Simplicity, quality and attention to detail guide every decision and process of ours. We are not in a rush to churn out as many pens as possible; we take our time, be it hand turning every cap and barrel to hand rubbing natural oils on the wood, layer by layer, and giving the wood it’s time to absorb these oils. Ever pen is fill tested, unless requested otherwise, ensuring a pleasant out of the box writing experience, every single time.

We also believe that the more processes that are kept in house, the better our control on quality, which is why all the brass rings you see on our pens are machined in house, out of a solid block of brass.

There is a reason we stand behind every pen of ours.


Timber is air dried and seasoned for several years before being used. We use only ethically sourced, exotic hardwoods.

A carefully selected section of wood is carved out to best flatter the grain and characteristics.

The wood is then shaped and reinforced with brass before being sanded down.

The pen is finished with natural oils to protect and enhance the lustre of the timber.

The instrument is fitted with a German Schmidt converter, and a nib made to our exacting standards, tuned and checked by our in house nib meister.

Antique finished brass trims adorn the pen, to complement the aesthetic. These are available in both antique finish and 24k gold plated.

The wood matures with time, imbibing the natural oils of the hand, coming to life with each use.

The instrument is fitted with top of the line German tipped nibs made in India to our exact specifications. Every nib is checked by our in house nib meister before being sent out.

An array of nib points ensures something for every writing style.

A Syahi Writing Instrument is for those who demand nothing but the best.


Founded by Sanay Shah and Aayush Bansal in 2017, in Mumbai, India.

Sanay Shah, a mechanical engineer and long time fountain pen aficionado, and Aayush Bansal, a designer, entrepreneur and a fountain pen enthusiast too, conceived the idea. Their shared love for all things fine and arts lost in time lead to the creation of Syahi.

Set out to change people’s impression of Indian fountain pens, they craft and finish each Syahi pen using the finest materials, standardized processes, German mechanics and thorough quality checks.