Putting Pen To Paper Pushes Boundaries

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Time is a luxury.

We are not in a rush to churn out as many pens as possible; we take our time, be it hand turning every cap and barrel to hand rubbing natural oils on the wood, layer by layer, and giving the wood it’s time to absorb these oils. 

Each of our pens are crafted over time, passing through multiple artisans with the most meticulous hands. Woods, sourced ethically from across the world, are turned and finished before being fitted with state-of-the-art German mechanics. Our quality check ensures that each pen is a masterpiece of immense writing pleasure.

Each wood has a unique grain and characteristic; thus, no two Syahi pens are alike.

Only the heartwood of the tree is used to craft Syahi writing instruments. The instrument matures with time, imbibing the natural oils of the hand, coming to life with each use.

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Looking for something memorable for someone special? A Syahi Writing Instrument is for those who demand nothing but the best.

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