What if the nib of the pen received is scratchy?

Email us on info@syahiindia.com and send the pen back, we will have the nib changed.

What if the wood of the Syahi pen cracks?

The wood used to make a Syahi pen is seasoned over several years, before being coated with a blend of natural oils that protects it. Every pen is also carefully inspected after every stage of machining, and then finally, before being sent out. If, however, a crack appears within the warranty period, the pen will be repaired at no charge. However, if the pen is damaged due to misuse by the user, we will not be responsible.

How is ink filled in the Syahi pen?

The pen comes with a German Schmidt converter , which can be used to fill ink in the pen, if you have access to bottled ink. In case you do not, the pen can accept standard international cartrdiges.

How does the Syahi pen arrive?

Each Syahi pen is packed in a black textured box, embossed with the Syahi logo. The box contains the pen, a genuine leather single pen case, care instructions & a warranty certificate.


Syahi offers free domestic shipping on all orders. For international orders, we charge a flat rate of $15 per shipment, and via ship via registered post or FedEx, depending on the country. Customs duty, if any, will be borne by the customer. We are in the process of intergrating PayPal onto our website. In the meantime, please send us an email stating your order and full address, and we will send you a Paypal invoice. On receiving the payment, your order will be shipped.


Policy: We have a 30 day no questions asked return policy on any item purchased. You can get a refund or exchange for another item.

Process: To return something, simply send it back to us with a note of instructions, of whether you want refund or exchange. Include your contact information via email and/or phone number. Please pack well as we cannot be responsible for goods that arrive damaged.

Writing Instrument Warranty

All Syahi writing instruments are guaranteed against mechanical failure, for one year from the date of purchase. The writing instrument or part will be repaired or replaced at no charge. Incoming shipping and insurance costs are the responsibility of the client.

Any writing instrument or part which cannot be repaired, and is no longer available will be replaced by a similar Syahi product of equal or next greater value, as desired by the client.

This warranty is transferable to subsequent ownerships. No proof of purchase documentation is required.

We repair only Syahi products. We are not a repair center for any other brands *Please ship items in a box with plenty of packing to save from transit damage. Paper or padded envelopes are not sufficient for protection.


Be careful to use only genuine fountain pen ink with this instrument. Iron gall ink or highlighter ink can damage the nib and corrode the feed.

Although the instrument has been treated with a protective sealant and lacquered, we recommend avoiding contact with liquid.

Do not leave an inked instrument unused for more than a week. Empty out ink periodically and flush the nib with water. Soak the nib in 10% ammonia solution or mild dishwasher solution.

The instrument has been designed to be used un-posted, else, you risk marring the finish.

If you happen to scratch or damage the body, do not attempt to fix it. Contact us and we will do our best to restore the instrument.

Syahi writing instruments are crafted out of the finest quality wood. Being a natural material, irregularities or marks are a part of it's charm.

Syahi writing instruments are crafted out of the finest quality wood. Being a natural material, irregularities or marks are a part of it's charm.


Syahi guarantees that your pen will be repaired at no charge in case of possible flaws in material or workmanship, during a period of one year from the date of purchase- except for damage from improper use or normal wear and tear.